Conn Coprion Cornet

Model 12A


Before reading any further, anyone interested in instruments made by Conn must visit The Conn Loyalist. My own research into the history of my beloved Conn Coprion cornet owes a gigantic debt of gratitude to the findings presented on that incredible site!

This size 4 Conn mouthpiece is believed to be original to the horn. The mouthpiece receiver at the beginning of the Coprion's leadpipe takes only a short-shank mouthpiece. Many instruments have been damaged as a result of unwitting players attempting to jam a long-shank mouthpiece into the receiver. This Model 12A does not have any damage to the interior of its mouthpiece, suggesting that either the original mouthpiece or a suitable replacement has stayed with the instrument for the entirety of its existence. 

The consensus among experts who research Conn instruments is that cornets built at the Elkhart, Indiana Conn factory had their bells engraved by hand. Only when Conn moved its operations to Abilene, Texas in 1970. The design and practice of engraving on Conn cornets during this period remains a subject ripe for investigation.