Harmony Sovereign H-1260 Jumbo Flattop Acoustic Guitar

Spruce, Mahogany

White binding, dot inlays, white button tuners, brown pickguard

Chicago, Illinois


Arguably the most famous notes to sing out of the Harmony Sovereign H-1260, like the one shown here, are those opening “Stairway to Heaven,” the famous Led Zeppelin hit. As the group’s guitarist, Jimmy Page, explained, “The Harmony guitar is quite special to me. It is what I used to write all the acoustic songs and many of the electric songs on the first three albums. I also used it to record all the acoustic tracks on the third album, and it’s the guitar I played on “Stairway to Heaven.” I pretty much used it until I started playing a Martin on Houses of the Holy.”[1] Page continued, “It helped me come up with all these amazing songs! It encouraged me. It didn’t fight back, and it didn’t go out of tune. It would say to me, “Go on, man, give me more! C’mon!”” Another 1960s rock icon to play and record extensively with the Harmony Sovereign H-1260 was Pete Townshend of The Who.[2]

The model in my collection came off of the Chicago assembly line in the second half of 1965, as indicated by the “S-65” stamp on the inside of the guitar.[3] There is a sizable chip in the perimeter of the sound hole that was present on the guitar when I acquired it. The guitar was given to me in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in 2013, though the exact provenance of the guitar is unclear.


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